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Dog Grooming Basics

Grooming your dog is important to keep them feeling great and looking great. It is a brilliant way to strengthen the bond with your pet, spend some quality time with them and allows you to check for any unusual signs that they might be unwell. Here are some of the dog grooming basics. Brushing Brushing your dog regularly will help to keep their hair in good condition, remove dirt and prevent any tangles. It also helps to spread the natural oils in your dog’s coat, which keeps it shiny and healthy. Usually, dogs with shorter coats require less grooming than those with medium to long hair. Some with very short hair may not need brushing at all, but rather a...

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Tips & Tricks for New Puppy Owners

Bringing home a new puppy is much like bringing home a new baby – exciting but daunting! Here are a few tips for first time dog owners to get you started. Puppy Proof Your House Just as you would baby proof your house, it’s important to do the same for your pup. Make sure that cords or anything your puppy might chew are off the ground and out of reach. Also put away any potential choking hazards, or items you don’t want chewed! To help your puppy with teething, try freezing their soft toys, the cold will help to ease gum pain.  Socialise Your Pup In the first six to twelve weeks, your puppy will be learning and deciding what...

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