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How Nature Helps Mental Health

Nature can be extremely beneficial to our mental health. Simply being outside, surrounded by nature, has been shown to reduce feelings of stress, anger, and fear. We are genetically programmed to find plants, water, and natural elements engrossing, distracting from feelings of discomfort. Many hospital facilities are now adding indoor gardens, aquariums, and landscapes to incorporate nature into the setting as a stress reduction tool. Research has even shown artwork depicting natural scenes to be restorative. Even just walking in nature could lower the risk of depression. A study published in ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,’ found that participants who went on a 90-minute walk through a natural environment, reported lower levels of rumination and showed decreased neutral...

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The Benefits of Dog Walking

We all know the importance of taking the dog out for regular walks. However, dog walking isn’t just beneficial for your pup, there are lots of ways dog walking can positively impact the life of the owner too. First off, it’s a great form of exercise that doesn’t actually feel like exercise! A review of 29 studies over a twenty-year period found that dog owners walked a median amount of 160 minutes a week. Embedding a dog walk into your daily routine means that exercise becomes a habit. It is also a good way to hold yourself accountable, as your dog is relying on you, similarly to if you arrange to work out with a friend! Dog walking encourages you...

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